Where We’ll Be – Upcoming Events

Events_000Events are in full swing this season, and we’re excited to be out and about.  We’re on the go and looking forward to meeting with you wherever our paths next cross.

In January we launched our APIs & IPAs event program, which tours cities with incubator sessions and happy hours, all in the name of APIs (and IPAs).

In the end of January and early February we’ll be speaking at Developer Week and Apps-World. Our AppsWorld booth is #18 and conveniently located by the bar. So come swing by and say hi.

Here’s where we’ll be, and where we hope to run into you. If you’d like to set up a time to meet, please email us at community@singly.com.

MacWorld 2013
Friday, 1/31 – Saturday, 2/2
Moscone Center West, San Francisco

Startup Weekend’s Transmedia SF
February 1
San Francisco

Thursday, 2/7 – Friday, 2/8
Moscone Center West, San Francisco (Booth #18)

Hearst Fashion Hackathon 2013
New York
Feb 9-10

DrinksOnTap Boston
February 13

Startup Weekend Bay Area
Feb 22
San Francisco

Feb 20 – Seattle
Feb 21 – Vancouver

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet our talented videographers

Just as our company mission is to empower developers, we believe it’s our duty (and know it’s our desire) to empower the people around us – including our trusted, talented vendors – in every way possible.

We work with a wide variety of vendors for lots of different projects. Recently, we worked with five highly talented videographers around the country to put together videos to highlight some of our key customers. Today, we’d like to take the time to highlight these individuals. If you have any needs for a videographer, feel free to reach out to them!

0 (3744×5616)Bill Radtke

Website:          www.motioncanvas.la
Instagram:      @billradtke
Location:         Los Angeles
Singly video:   AdoptTogether
Email:             bill (at) motioncanvas.la

What did you enjoy the most about working on the Singly project?
This most recent project with Singly was intimately connected with my own journey. My wife and I raised 100% of our adoption costs through a non profit called Adopt Together. It was an honor being able to create awareness for Adopt Together. The fact that Singly wants to promote companies like Adopt Together and partner with them makes me think that we are on the same mission to create more good in the world.
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Lyft-ing Around San Francisco

By now, you pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know about Lyft – On Demand Ride Sharing – and the controversial service it offers San Franciscans. Lyft offers an alternative to public transportation, taxis, and carpooling. It’s popularity is easily visible by huge pink mustaches on the hood of all of the cars circulating around town.  Take a look at all the Lyfts right now in my hood.


I personally have used Lyft several times and have had a great experience. The app is very easy to use. Just create a profile, add a credit card, turn on your location services, and you are ready to request a driver. I like that you don’t ever need cash and you don’t “pay” the driver, you elect to donate towards their service. The donation situation, however, is the way Lyft takes advantage of the loop hole in the transportation regulations about paying for a service. NPR featured a good story on this issue back in November. 

The Bold Italic also covered the story and highlighted the signature fist bump of trust – between the driver and the passenger -in the following illustration. 


Either way, the app has a friendly, clean, and colorful user experience. It is definitely a creative solution to an urban transportation problem.  What do you think?

Now, what’s your favorite app today? Email us at community@singly.com or tweet it out to the world via #singly.

Timehop-ing Back is Fun

Timehop is a super fun, easy to use, and simple app that crawls through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and sends you a recap of what you did each day exactly a year ago, and it appears every year before that… since the beginning of your social profiles integrated with Timehop.  Timehop stars a cute dinosaur named @abe as their company mascot / symbol.

Check him out.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would care about the service this app provides, but I am now totally hooked. I love looking back at what I did exactly a year ago. It’s a daily reminder of how much my life has changed and the direction it has taken. It’s also a reminder of how I’m getting OLD.  Originally the reminder came to me as a daily email, but now it’s a daily notification from the app on my phone, which is a much better user experience for me.

I tend to repost the content from my Timehop account and share it out to my friends all over again. This service will likely continue to evolve too.  Below is a pic from three years ago which reminded me to email my girl friends today and tell them I love them!

Now, what’s your favorite app today? Email us at community@singly.com or tweet it out to the world via #singly.