Singly Developer Challenge – Complete the challenge for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD


Last month we had a competition to build and launch an entire app for the chance to win a prize. This month we’re making it a bit easier.

We think the technology we’ve built can make certain things incredibly easy, and we want to show you a couple of those things. If you complete these two challenges, we’ll enter you into a drawing for a Kindle Fire HD. Simple as that!381281576990

  • Make a call to the Singly API to find something you did on the internet on 11/11/11. It can be a photo, a tweet, a checkin or a status. (If that day is empty for you, find one within a few days or weeks) [Hint]
  • Find a person you are connected to on three or more services. [Hint]

Then, send a screenshot of the JSON returned by Singly for each of these queries (feel free to anonymize it) to, and we’ll enter you into the drawing. That’s it!

Deadline: February 15, 2013

Hackathons for Week of February 3rd, 2013

These are the hackathons we are tracking on at Singly. It looks like about 37 different events in the United States.

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Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX

RecBob + Singly

This was originally posted on CQuartier’s blog, where he writes about progress on his mobile app, RecBob. We were inspired and flattered by what he wrote, so we decided to repost here. Enjoy!

RecBob’s Beginnings

Before I can explain why I love Singly, I have to explain the path we took to get there. When we started RecBob our intial plan was to utilize Facebook by making RecBob a Facebook app almost exclusively. Our reasoning was that we did not want to have to recreate a social network just for RecBob, when so many people already used Facebook. There were several reasons why this turned out to be a bad idea:

  1. Facebook’s API documentation is often obtuse, wrong, or both, making the initial development more frustrating than we had imagined. Before the switch to Singly, I was never able to get the authentication flow working reliably on all major browsers (especiallyIE).
  2. Our MVP (minimum viable product) is more of a tool for our users and less of a social network. Including social network connectivity will make our app more fun and engaging, but our initial focus had to be solving the headaches that come with managing and playing on rec teams.
  3. Relying solely on Facebook authentication for our users meant that we were leaving out people that didn’t use/didn’t want to use Facebook. I think we all saw this as a problem we’d eventually solve, but it turned out to be a far more serious problem than we initially thought and it ultimately prompted us to start looking at different solutions (and also regret not looking sooner).

The Turning Point

After deciding that we wanted to focus our efforts on solving the problems that rec-league teams have we soon realized that we couldn’t very well solve those problems if we couldn’t assemble the whole team. If RecBob could not be used for every member of a team, then the captain would still have to rely on the inferior crutches we were trying to remove (e.g. using a mailing list to handle all communications). We were missing 3 parts of the puzzle: 1) users that didn’t have Facebook (and therefore could not log in to RecBob at all), 2) users that had Facebook but did not want to use our app with their Facebook credentials, and 3) users that were on Facebook, allowed the app, but were not connected to anyone else on the team.
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Thank you, Portland!

We spent a couple of days in the Pacific Northwest last week, to partner with Esri/Geoloqi, PuppetLabs and NetworkRedux for a happy hour called APIs & IPAs.

The Green Dragon in east Portland was totally packed, and we had a blast hanging out with the Portland tech community. We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for coming out, and our partners for co-hosting the event with Singly. Also, special thanks to PIE and Silicon Florist for being gracious hosts to us while we were in town.

Check out the next event in the APIs & IPAs series, in Seattle next month:

Here’s a quick photo recap from last week:

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Where We’ll Be – Upcoming Events

Events_000Events are in full swing this season, and we’re excited to be out and about.  We’re on the go and looking forward to meeting with you wherever our paths next cross.

In January we launched our APIs & IPAs event program, which tours cities with incubator sessions and happy hours, all in the name of APIs (and IPAs).

In the end of January and early February we’ll be speaking at Developer Week and Apps-World. Our AppsWorld booth is #18 and conveniently located by the bar. So come swing by and say hi.

Here’s where we’ll be, and where we hope to run into you. If you’d like to set up a time to meet, please email us at

MacWorld 2013
Friday, 1/31 – Saturday, 2/2
Moscone Center West, San Francisco

Startup Weekend’s Transmedia SF
February 1
San Francisco

Thursday, 2/7 – Friday, 2/8
Moscone Center West, San Francisco (Booth #18)

Hearst Fashion Hackathon 2013
New York
Feb 9-10

DrinksOnTap Boston
February 13

Startup Weekend Bay Area
Feb 22
San Francisco

Feb 20 – Seattle
Feb 21 – Vancouver

We look forward to seeing you soon!